Unicon 2024 details?

I have never been to unicon but am hoping to go to the one next year in minnesota as it is right next door. the webiste does not have any update for over three months and there is not a lot of info as is, is anything happening to plan it or was that a proposal only? anyone know when there will be more detail?



There was an update yesterday, August 6, 2023.

It is not only a proposal, it will be happening there. It’s still early stages for the organisation team, and I’m sure they’re working hard behind the scene to find the right sponsors, partners, book locations, etc.

I would expect to get more closer to final info this fall/winter.

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what was the update? i dont see anything new. thanks for the reply emile

tryingto figure out, by clicking on the (i) on the page it says last update is March 1 so five months ago

It takes a while to finalise the schedule and get all the venues. The start and end dates are unlikely to change too much but all other details will be released as the organisers can be certain of them.


this is the update! This page: