Unicon 2020 (XX)

Can you do the slalom on the Tuesday 2nd?

Anyway… 2nd and 4th are days where I don’t have events planned.

Sure! I raced it 3 years ago. Great race, great atmosphere. Really nice! But I don’t think there is still any open place. :pensive:

I didn’t see that! Yes, that would cover the Slalom. The other Track events I would normally enter are all on the 1st. I will have to make a decision. This will probably happen later, after I know more about the breakdown of competition groups, how many people going on this ride, etc. :slight_smile:

Well john there are many options open: there is a bus everyday that goes up to the Chamrousse resort : it is a “special mountain bike” bus (bus 707) . So if you can’t do the ride witrh the group you can do it on your own another day .We will still meet you at the beer bar :grin:!

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I would be happier to do it on the 2nd or 4th if that works. I’m also in the seniors (40 plus) demographic.
Though I do want to know how hard the route is before committing!

I’m trying to sign up to volunteer for something (took me a while to figure out where to find the non freestyle events) but is says the Unicon ID should be between 0 and 300.

Thanks for the notice! We’ll have a look at it.
In the meantime, you can register as a volunteer. Unicon ID is not mandatory :slight_smile:

Registered as a volunteer now for many things, if I count the commitment, it’s 37.5h… same as a working week at work.

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Hi all,
This is my general plan.
26th muni cross country practice (beginner)
27th 10km road race
28th muni cross country race (beginner)
29th muni downhill practice (beginner)
30th muni downhill (beginner)
31st marathon

After that I think my schedule is a lot less heavy. I’m thinking if I commit to doing all this though, my legs will already be super tired by the start of the marathon? I am sure my lack of training is not helping. And that’s all on me, obviously.

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Have the social muni rides been scheduled for the afternoon of the 1st? It works for me.

Just a question, on these notes it says buses leaving 9.15am. Does it take all day to get to the start?

From the workshops doc:

But the schedule says 4.15pm. 4.15pm works better for me btw.


I put on a few 27.5" tires and a frame for sale, that I could bring to Unicon. Stuff for sale at Unicon

If anyone else has parts they are trying to get rid off, feel free to use that thread for your stuff here.


Hello Gockie,
I will participate in some of these too (not the marathon), plus some track races. Looking forward to Unicon!
Best regards,

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I have a question about arriving at the unicon.
With my parents, we rented a van place, and we wanted to know if we can arrive this evening.

Sure, you can arrive tonight :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, how should we place ourself?
Do we have a named parking place or can we park anywhere?
We might arrive quite late (still nearly 800 km to do).

Why some French guys come from Findland😜

Maybe I had an internship until Friday, or maybe my brother was going to North Cape on his uni, or maybe both.
But what is sure is that I was in Sweden😉.

anybody got pictures of the “social muni ride” at UNICON? (I was too worried by organisation to take just one). Thanks!

Hi Bernard, I took some photos during this very nice ride you organized

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Then back to Grenoble with @zippedy