Unicon 2020 Status Update

From the IUF blog and Facebook page.

Thanks for the update, I appreciate it.

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So true. the farther you go back, the more true this is! It is quite a big undertaking to try to organize all the various competition events of Unicon in a single location (or area).

Actually we’ve had the “requirements” there for a long time, but I think the more recent development is putting teeth in the descriptions and actual back and forth input from the IUF, which adds to the complexity. In return, we get better competition events, but it gets harder to put on a Unicon.

If anything, this just goes to reinforce why it’s extremely important that every attendee make an effort to do at least some volunteering during the event. Without help from the attendees, the quality of the overall event would suffer tremendously, and some events would actually be more dangerous. For example, pedestrian control during the Marathon race in San Sebastian. It was an amazing event, but needed loads of volunteers to be the spectacle that it was!