UNICON 2020 Location Leaked

Brixen, Italy is what I heard…

At Unicon 11 we had a group uni ride on Bainbridge Island. I know that’s not Orcas, but close. It was a really nice experience, including the ferry to get there, and nice to do some non-competitive events at any uni convention. I hope we can do more at future conventions, and will try to help with this process.

According to the IUF Board, at the IUF Meeting in Ansan (which was attended by maybe 25 people?), they are working with an organizing team in Brixen/Bressanone, Italy. It’s not all worked out yet. There was also work on a location in Germany, but that couldn’t be worked out. Hosting an event like Unicon is like putting on a mini-Olympics with a tiny budget. It can be extremely hard to line up sufficient facilities for all of the different events. Not only do large unicycle conventions require a huge amount of volunteer help, orgainzing them involves a ton of work.

I hope Brixen will work out for two reasons:

  • I loved Italy in 2012 and would happily return anytime, even to exactly the same facilities. The town was great, has fabulous mountains all around, and the 2012 organizers did an amazing job.
  • If it doesn't we don't have a Unicon 20 [/LIST] While your Unicon registration may seem a little expensive, that money is easily soaked up by all the million little things that need to be lined up and ready for such an event to take place. If you're in a position to help the IUF work on future convention locations, please do!

    We await official word…

  • Official information from the IUF meeting at Unicon; the only bid the IUF has is Brixen Italy. The IUF is currently finalizing terms with Brixen.

    Once it is final, there will be an announcement.

    From the IUF blog and Facebook page.


    There has been an update since;

    Have you guys ever heard of Grenoble, France ?


    I just happened to listen to the cd “Pierre de Grenoble” by Gabriel & Marie Yacoub from 1973

    What does Grenoble have to do with unicycles?

    If you want a unicon to happen there, you should make a bid for it in 2022. I’m not 100% sure how you do it, but I’m sure the “Commission Nationale Monocycle (CNM)” can help you with the details. You basically propose the IUF boards your location, with details like: Accomodation, Event venues, your team, probably financial plans etc. It’s a great help if your city council approves and supports having Unicon there, as far as I understand.

    (Maybe emile can help with more details too)

    I don’t live there, nor do I wish to organize anything. I just heard stuff and know for a fact there is no set location for 2020… :wink:

    Not yet, not. Once a official location has been set, it will be announced. There would be no point in hiding the location for next Unicon.

    Official now : Grenoble in France !


    Only 250km from my place :slight_smile:

    I would like that as well. My first NAUCC was in 2014 put on by the Twin Cities Unicycle Club. My second was 2015 that the Madison Unicyclist hosted. I had a blast! Both of these events by these clubs seemed to put a big emphasis on the beginner unicyclist and promoting the sport to guys and gals like me who will never win any competitions.

    They had lots of clinics and classes that I attended and learned so much from. Sone of the clinics I remember that I attended were five minutes next trick, mounts for everyone, learning to unicycle and several I can’t remember the name of. I am a club of one. Anything I learn is done by trial and error and You-Tube videos by myself so the learning curve can be slow and frustrating. Getting some assistance and tutoring was very special for me.

    It seems like the last few NAUCC’s the emphasis was focused on the competition aspect of our sport. I was a little disappointed when I saw that the NAUCC this year that there was very little scheduled for low skilled guys like me. Other then the Street workshop (which sounds like a Hoot) but still requires a some good basic skills even for the entry level tricks.

    That’s fine, the host clubs puts forth a lot of effort to put these on and do a great job so for that I thank them for their efforts. Just want to point out there are a whole lot of hacks like me out there who would like to attend so keep us in mind.

    My days of competition are over and if I can make it this year I planned on attending as a participant not a competitor. I will just hang out in the gym and at the skate park and pester those of you with talent for some pointers enjoy the scenery and a few cold beers and the beautiful scenery.

    I have a dream: for Unicon Grenoble organize an OGOOW (Old Geezers On One Wheel) muni event (for the over 60) going down some mountain (easy ride) and just enjoy the scenery, talk to squirrels, and good beer for finishing the ride! So you can compete!

    Reduce the age limit to 58 and I`m in.:slight_smile:

    Few dreams are this easily obtainable.

    Step 1: Find easy mountain ride.
    Step 2: Put OGOOW (Old Geezers On One Wheel) muni event on workshop list.
    Step 3: Do OGOOW (Old Geezers On One Wheel) muni event.
    Step 4: Drink beer. (Finding good beer in France may be the hardest part of this list)

    If you want that to be a competition, you need to get new priorities.

    Unicon is a world championship, and a convention. I think both parts are important, but they don’t mix well. A social area, workshop board and open gyms for everyone to practice in are important so the convention part is there, and it’s an event for non competitors.

    But you can’t make competitions to suit everyone. There was a complaint filed in Brixen about the trials lines being “too difficult”. The Trials director then showed that one of the lines was completable without even hopping. I find a lot of people are way too proud of “competing in world championship”, which sounds good to non unicyclist, but in reality is zero indication of skill.

    Just what I am talking about. Winner is who takes the longest, smells the most roses along the way and has the most fun. The trophy is cold and frosty at the end and everybody gets a trophey!

    Sorry but for me good beer should not be cold ! The proper place for storing beer is 2nd step of the stairs leading to the basement :sunglasses: (czech recipe).
    (and , yes, you can find good beer in France:D)

    LOL I wondered about that. :thinking: I am up for some cultural expansion. It would be good for an old Missouri Boy like me.