UNICON 2020 Location Leaked

I heard the next location!
Ready for it…
Orcas Island, WA, USA
It’s going to be there.

Let’s do it!

Has there been any decision yet? I’ve also heared about Brixen in Switzerland and Erfurt in Germany.

Please tell us more about your upcoming convention! :slight_smile:

Wow, a new user account created just to post a comment. I haven’t seen that in a long time!

Somebody mentioned Germany to me, but that’s all I know. If it’s there, it’s going to be huge. Germany is probably the biggest unicycling country in Europe, and kind of in the middle of all the other uni countries, so it should draw a whopping crowd!

Wherever it is, I’ll be there. Now that I’m back from NAUCC, I’m starting to prepare for Unicon 19 in Ansan, South Korea!

BTW, I tried to look up Brixen in Switzerland. Google Maps says it’s still in Italy, where Unicon 16 was… (and I’d go to another Unicon there anytime)

Please let it be in Germany. Would be the best thing that could happen for me, because I‘m still in the „getting better phase“ and that would definitely set an interesting goal. I was a spectator at the EUC in Sittard-Geleen last year and if I hadn’t been hooked already that would have done the job.

Sign up for the forums, or Unicon? :slight_smile:

Life is like a box of chocolates. If you let your friends each have one, you’ll be left with all the “yukky” ones.

Oops, yes, that’s where i meant.

If you would like to host Unicon in 2020, I suggest you get in contact with the IUF at www.unicycling.org. As of now, nobody on the board committee of the IUF is aware of anything you’re talking about here.

That would have been EC unicycling*. EUC is Extreme Unicycling Championships and has been happening for over 10 years now.

Aren’t all unicyclists in the getting better phase all of their lives? Im in my 3rd year of getting better phase :smiley:

Ok, you got me there. I mean of course the „quickly-getting-better-at-the-beginning-of-a-wonderful-unicycling-career-phase“. :wink:

Yeah I’m in my 29th year of getting better. You should check out Orcas. I’m trying to set up some smaller group rides here. MT. Constitution is 2409…

Soooo… now that UNICON is over, anyone have any details as to where the next one will be held?

May be Brixen again (information from our french federation) !

Brixen, Italy is what I heard…

At Unicon 11 we had a group uni ride on Bainbridge Island. I know that’s not Orcas, but close. It was a really nice experience, including the ferry to get there, and nice to do some non-competitive events at any uni convention. I hope we can do more at future conventions, and will try to help with this process.

According to the IUF Board, at the IUF Meeting in Ansan (which was attended by maybe 25 people?), they are working with an organizing team in Brixen/Bressanone, Italy. It’s not all worked out yet. There was also work on a location in Germany, but that couldn’t be worked out. Hosting an event like Unicon is like putting on a mini-Olympics with a tiny budget. It can be extremely hard to line up sufficient facilities for all of the different events. Not only do large unicycle conventions require a huge amount of volunteer help, orgainzing them involves a ton of work.

I hope Brixen will work out for two reasons:

  • I loved Italy in 2012 and would happily return anytime, even to exactly the same facilities. The town was great, has fabulous mountains all around, and the 2012 organizers did an amazing job.
  • If it doesn't we don't have a Unicon 20 [/LIST] While your Unicon registration may seem a little expensive, that money is easily soaked up by all the million little things that need to be lined up and ready for such an event to take place. If you're in a position to help the IUF work on future convention locations, please do!

    We await official word…

  • Official information from the IUF meeting at Unicon; the only bid the IUF has is Brixen Italy. The IUF is currently finalizing terms with Brixen.

    Once it is final, there will be an announcement.

    From the IUF blog and Facebook page.


    There has been an update since;

    Have you guys ever heard of Grenoble, France ?