Unicon 2010 - I got suggestions, and questions...

Hey all, i think i’m able to go to Unicon 10, since my parents said i couldnt go out of state or anywhere by myself until im 18. Guess what? I’ll be 18 around Unicon 10. Haha. Yeah, so i’m gonna start saving now, and start my own fund for the plane ticket, but… I’m gonna need to know some things…

Where should i stay? I also, if someone wouldnt mind, i’d liek to stay in NZ for a while. Sort of a ‘study abroad’ thing. Not serious, just i’d like to learn some culture, and pick up the accent. (my gene pool is known for being able to pick up accents extremely easy, without trying).

I’m wondering if theres anyone i could crash with, sorta for free room and stuff, maybe meals? lol. I’m more just wondering who i’d be able to stay with, if i could.
I kinda wanna stay for maybe up to a month.

then… I have a few plans for things to do in NZ while i’m there…
I have a secret ride i want to make happen, which no one will really be allowed to know… I also wanna party hard lol. No drinking, no hash, nothing like that, just party, stay up til 5am streaking or something lol.

yeah… I’m mainly thinking of plans on who i’d be eligible to stay with… (there are a few people in mind that i’d love to hang with while i’m there, but i dont wanna say so and make someone feel obligated)

okay, yeah, thanks!

Hi Graham,

Thanks for your enthusiasm!

We’re still working on the Unicon 15 website. We’ll make an announcement shortly but we need to get some more information up first.

As for where you could stay, there is plenty of accomodation within walking distance of all the unicon venues. If you want to stay with local unicyclists, it’s probably easiest if you contacted them well in advance, given that we are expecting about 800 unicyclists from around the world. Try the NZ forums: www.unicycle.org.nz

Also try the Wellington tourism website: www.wellingtonnz.com


Ken Looi
UNICON XV committee

uhm… you’ll be 17 or 16 then. Sorry.

Depends what part of the year it’s in. If he turns 16 soon and unicon is late in the year he’ll be 18.

Anyway I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading up to wellington for it. :smiley:

it’s in a year and a half. If he is 15 now, there is no way at all he will be 18. Even if he is going to be 16 tomorrow.

O ok. That means that it’s at the start of 2010.

Even if you can go, start worrying about accomodation etc. a little nearer the time.

I hope I will be able to go. It probably depends on how my grades will be that year, as I’ll have to miss around a week of school.

They took away senior exemptions from exams at my school, so if I’m still going there senior year I’m going to take a one week break and skip school so that I can go to this. I’ll finally know what vegemite tastes like :slight_smile:

I still cringe when I hear or read the word “vegemite”. That’s what it tastes like, horror. :astonished:

Vegemite is the Australian yeast spread, My flatmates and I usually eat Marmite.
They are both Australian made tho I think.

The Marmite I brought over to RTL is made in NZ.

I was going to get Vegemite but it said ‘Australias favourite yeast spread’ on it’s label :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe Nexty left a whole trail o f Vegemite all over Nova Scotia.

the Rocket Power special led me to believe that vegemite was a New Zealand thing, my bad.


What a great show. It deserves its own thread, but I am too lazy.

i believe kraft has been bought out by an americam company so vegemite is no longer australian.
and vegemite is good.

sick man, you can chill with me, i’ll be having a straight-edge party when im there for unicon, should be fun…

LOL sif i am.

Hey man.

It hasn’t been decided yet, but me and some friends are planing on moving to welly next year. So if your lucky and we’ve got some floor space that isnt already taken up by other kiwi unicyclists then you might be in luck. Its still a way to go.

i dont get it?

Man I think ill be going to unicon :smiley: Im 14 now 1 month till im 15 so what 16 1/2 - 17 when its on. Does anyone know where it is? im trying to find out how much it will cost for me to get there. any dates yet ? Thanks guys. I hope soo much I can come :smiley:

PS: Ill need to stay somewhere to :stuck_out_tongue:

Wellington, New Zealand. 28 December 2009 to 7 January 2010

can i stay wit chu?