Unicon 20

So there’s the Unicon – the world’s Unicycling Convention and also World Championship of all kinds of unicycling. Lots of awesome unicyclists work together to provide this huge event every two years. Grenoble, France was set to be the next Unicon location. Due to some pandemic it was postponed…

But now it’s got new official dates! Quoting Official Dates in 2022 – UNICON 20 :

The dates of Unicon 20 are now official! We’ll see you from the 26th of July to the 6th of august 2022!
Times are hard to plan events. We are constantly monitoring the COVID situation, but we think these are the final dates for Unicon 20 in Grenoble!



Last day to buy tickets :tickets: for Unicon 20 Grenoble for reduced fee :coin: is today. Register now and see you there!

Registration – UNICON 20

edit: sorry, wrong info.

Deadlines have been postponed. Reduced fees will go until April, 17th.


I looked at the muni “intermediate” cross country. It says it has a 36.7% grade climb. Is that a typo? That seems really, really steep. The Guinness world record for a street is 34.8% in New Zealand. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/62907-steepest-street-road. Am I missing something? That seems pretty tough for an intermediate course?

That’s super steep, especially for offroad where you have to pick the right line and contend with obstacles and wheel slippage.

That’s really steep, sure. If you look at the details here, you’ll find that’s about 90 m with this 36.7% grade.

I’d be curious how many feel they can actually climb that. I have found that anything more than 20% offroad becomes very challenging and I work hard at climbing, typically trying a section of a trail 4 or more times before giving up. At a certain point I find it’s best to move on though because your legs are spent. 36.7% for 90m is far beyond my current ability.

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I agree, that looks really hard. I remember Martin Charrier telling the Elite course is very demanding and I think the intermediate will be as well. There have been some discussions about changing the track but I don’t think that it has changed and that it will change now.
I have not yet ridden those exact courses but I’m planning on going there a few times - I live at 1 hour of Grenoble :slight_smile:

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Short sections where most riders dismount and push wouldn’t be unheard of in a cross country race I think. I don’t think it’s ideal, but I’m sure if there was a good way to avoid it, the route planners would have done that. (And there might be some GPS funkyness going on, minimal positional errors can result in pretty big grade misestimations on hillsides)
I’ll see if it’s rideable - but since it’s the beginning of a 340 m climb that’s done twice in the elite course, I’d fully expect to push up it at least once…