Unicon 19: Registration Open

Hello fellow Unicyclists

Registration for UNICON19 is now open! We extend a warm welcome to all our unicycling friends from around the world, and look forward to hosting you in Seoul next year.

Unicon19 is based at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology, which is the venue for our headquarters/social area, gymnasium, and race track. http://en.seoultech.ac.kr/

Registering for Unicon19
Early-bird pricing runs until 31st of December 2017 for both competitors and non-competitors. Registration can be paid via PayPal, or by wire-transfer.

1st July to 15th December 2017: Competitor $220, Non-competitor $70
15th December 2017 to 15th March 2018: Competitor $260, Non-competitor $100
16th March 2018 to 15th June 2018: Competitor $300, Non-Competitor $130
16th June: Online Registration will be closed

Prices are in USD set at the exchange rate of US$1 = 1150 Korean Won
Note: Registration price may reset if there is a large fall in the US$
You can register here: www.unicon19.kr/en/registration/

We have booked the use of student accommodation at the University. Male and female dormitories are in different buildings. The female dormitory has two beds in a room, while the male dormitory has two types of rooms (2 beds and 4 beds).

We also have a contracted hotel, which is 4km from UNICON headquarters.
Twin beds room : KRW65,000/day (12 rooms available)
Triple beds room : KRW78,000/day (22 rooms available)
Four beds room : KRW91,000/day (15 rooms available)
The Hotel price include breakfast.
To apply please email unicon19.info@gmail.com.

Further accommodation options will be announced in our next newsletter. This will include options suitable for families, couples, and groups of mixed gender

Photos of the lodging/facilities are on www.unicon19.kr/en/lodging

Rail Racing

We are introducing a new competition to Unicon 19, rail racing. The object is to ride a 50m rail, with the fastest rider winning. You can enter the rail race under the ‘urban’ competitions.


  • Fastest rider to ride the full 50m wins
  • Riders who do not manage to ride the full 50m are ranked according the distance they rode
  • Rides less than 5m are disqualified
  • Competitors have 2 attempts

We would like to thank Robin Dunlop for creating and setting up the Unicon 19 registration system. He is the hard-working data guy you will have seen at previous Unicons!

See you in Seoul

Jason, Kysook, Kyungsoo, Jaein, Jenni and Ken
The Unicon 19 Organising Committee

Thanks for posting this. I looked at the hotel website and had a difficult time figuring out where it is via google maps. The map provided by the hotel is not clear if you are not from the area. Is there public transport available from the hotel to the venues? Also, are reservations handled through Unicon instead of directly with the hotel?