unicon 18 stats

Out of curiousity I just copy pasted the list of registrants, and did two unix commands:

laptop> $ cat unicon_p.txt | cut -f4 | sort | uniq -c | nl
     1	   1 Argentina
     2	  15 Australia
     3	  36 Austria
     4	  11 Basque Country
     5	  17 Belgium
     6	   2 Brazil
     7	  26 Canada
     8	   2 Colombia
     9	   2 Cuba
    10	   4 Czech Republic
    11	 176 Denmark
    12	   1 Finland
    13	 244 France
    14	   1 Georgia
    15	 501 Germany
    16	   1 Hong Kong
    17	   7 Hungary
    18	   3 Israel
    19	 115 Italy
    20	  62 Japan
    21	  43 Korea, Republic of
    22	   1 Mexico
    23	  15 Netherlands
    24	   9 New Zealand
    25	   3 Norway
    26	   8 Poland
    27	  20 Puerto Rico
    28	  11 Russian Federation
    29	   1 Slovakia
    30	   5 South Africa
    31	  23 Spain
    32	  28 Sweden
    33	  80 Switzerland
    34	   5 Taiwan
    35	   1 Tuvalu
    36	  21 United Kingdom
    37	  85 United States


laptop> $ cat unicon_p.txt | cut -f3 | sort | uniq -c | nl
     1	1188 Competitor 
     2	 398 Noncompetitor

Pretty impressive already.
Two weeks until the signup fee goes up…

just registred now!!!
Can’t wait!

Am I reading correctly that there are 244 unicyclists coming from France to Unicon??? Where are they! When we do Paris rides, there might be 15 or 20 of us, I know there’s a big club in the West, but that’s what, 20 people? So I’m impressed that there would be that many people in the country with a competition level!

Wait, wait, what??? There are 501 people coming from Germany? Whoa! That’s a lot guys, congrats on being so many out there.

And 1 from Tuvalu, kudos… there’s less than 10000 souls on that island!

But I guess you’re west from Persia, but representing Germany?

I know Tubalu since I operate the DNS of the ccTLD of Tokelau I[/I], which is the eastern neighbor. Therefor TV and TK get mixed-up often.
Tokelau (1,337 inhabitants) takes a good week to reach - only 7 Dutchmen visited ever.
Maybe it’s the newest member of team unicycle.tv
Impressive travel effort… but I’m afraid it’s Tuvalu being close to Switserland: at previous UNICON’s she represented Cōnfoederātiō Helvetica.

Still… 19 from Australia, 9 from New Zealand… that’s impressive to.

Sorry but, i don’t get it.
Anyway, for Kurdish coulture, flags are something really undesiderable…

Well I saw your location in yoru profile, but I didn’t saw the number of countries going up, so got curious.

Also, notice the number of people that represent Basque Country. In normal situations it’s explicitly (by law) forbidden to have that flag on official buildings.

10 years ago Julian money was very against flags and anthems on Unicons. Seen from his point of view I do agree with his argument. But still I think -in unicycling and in general- a flag is something beautiful to show how WE can unite trough sport.

Actually, I lived in England and I’m now in Italy.
I have never felt any patriotism at all. Always thought that flags are just symbols that can not represent any part of me.
Symbols are prisons… Freedom beats them all.