Unicon 18 - A little bit Road Racing

I have tried to make some Road Racing videos from our on-board cameras, from Unicon 18, Donostia.

Part 1:
Nora riding 10k unlimited (un-cut).

Thanks for sharing this. :smiley:

Glad to view the uncut version as another participant who doesn’t ride that fast. Looks wetter than I remember.

Well done Nora!

Congratulations with the second place! She was really going fast on that wet surface. She would have been nr 13 in the mens class.

What determines the starting grid? She should clearly have started from front row. The passing at 5 minutes was a bit scary. The other rider was first into the bend, but was changeing direction. Great escape!

Exiting race to watch. What happened to you Cato?

Nora continues to impress! What a great rider! Congrats on a great race, and thanks for posting this exciting video! (Makes you feel like you’re riding in the race!)