Unicon 17 - One Wheel Revolution

One Wheel Revolution is a portrait of Unicon 17 and unicycling in general, as top riders from all over the world gather for the world championships in Montréal.

It really is just a glimpse of the fascinating, varied and unique community we are all a part of, enjoy nonetheless!

Director: Neil Rathbone
Composer: TTG Music/Lev Lewis
DOP: Spencer Gilley
DOP: Alex Margineanu
Editor: David New
Producer: David New
Funder: BravoFACT

Many thanks to David, Neil and their crew for their constant curiosity and enthusiasm, and of course for their great work at getting our sport out there.

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Hugo Duguay
Unicon 17 Co-Organizer

Fantastic short film! Thanks for sharing it.

Amazing film… thanks for reminding the last year awsomeness :smiley: