Unicon 17 - End of First Registration Period

Hello fellow unicyclists,

It is with excitement that we would like to remind you that the first registration period for Unicon 17 is ending in less than 3 days. We urge you to go register and to pay your registration fees before December 31st if you are planning on attending the event. After this date, registration prices will go up.

We have currently a little more than 800 unicyclists registered to take part in this incredible event, sharing a passion for one wheel. Come and join them to discover next summer our beautiful city of Montréal!

You can register online here: http://unicon17.ca/en/registration

What else? In early 2014, you can expect more venues announcement, accommodation updates, country limitations adjustments and much more.

On behalf of the Unicon 17 Organization Team, we would like to wish you all happy holidays!

[RIGHT]Ride on,
The Unicon 17 Organization Team[/RIGHT]

Quick update to all: we still have around 50 participants registered who have unpaid records. They have until today midnight to get the best rates. Pass the word to your friends that they can still get the cheapest price for a limited time today to transition to the next registration period!

How much will the prices go up?


The current fees are $170 CAD for a competitor and $50 CAD for a non-competitor, and will go up to $240 and $75, respectively (+ gov. taxes).

Hurry up!

I think you should do it much more clear on your homepage that the price is (was) not 170,00 $, but 195,46 $. I got rather surprised as I paid, when the price was higher as you had written. I have to pay the full amount whatsoever and don’t care if a part of it is taxes. The price is what you in fact have to pay. - So please: Make it clear what the price is!

Best regards,

@all: please never use “$”, but only CAD or USD.


It’s the way it’s done in North America and they know to expect taxes so sometimes it’s hard for North Americans to realize that Europeans have the taxes included and are not used to it.
But as everybody would have to pay the taxes in this context (it’s not goods shipped to a Province or State that doesn’t have taxes), it really makes sense to have the taxes in big or included!

I know that is how things are usually written in Europe, but here in Quebec, Canada and even North America if I am not mistaking, prices are always displayed like that. What we also want people to understand is that this money does not get back to Unicon. I am sorry if this got you confused, though we did try to tell it as much as possible.

EDIT: An’So beat me.

I will then suggest, that you for maximal clarification write both amounts in the same size instead of a very tiny size for the price that actually has to be paid, even if it is not your normal method in Canada, considering that Unicon is an international event. - Of course, coming from Europe the fee for Unicon is not the biggest part of the total budget, but anyways. I hope I do not sound too grumpy to you :o, I know that you have tons of things to do with the organising work.

Best regards,