Unicon 17: After movie

Unicon means meeting old and new friends, pulling out session with them, lots of great competitions and even more riding all day… To capture and keep all this great moments i made this after movie from unicon, hope you all enjoy watching it. Big thanks also to Benoit and Hugo for all the organization, I’m sure we all had a some really great and awesome days there in Montreal…


In addition, I´m sorry and i know that in the movie aren’t all the disciplines, because there are so many i couldn’t film all and i had to do my own competitions…
This Video included the disciplines flat, street, trial, downhill, freestyle, track, 10km and basketball
I hope that for all the people in the video it’s ok if they are in the video. If not, please send a email to fabian_96sch@hotmail.com:wink:

Filming: Canon eos 550d (Tamron f2.8 17-55mm) with ML and Cinestyle
Equipment: mmc hague / nanomax 220 cullmann / Rode Videomic Pro
Edited: On a iMac
Color Correction: Davinci Resolve Lite
Music: Mako - Our story
Additional footage: Marco Vignudelli

Greetings from Italy

Edit: How was posting videos working? ;D

It was awesome :slight_smile:

Excellent work!

It would be impossible to capture all of Unicon in a video as there were 1100+ perspectives involved ALL THE TIME. That being said, this video does a TREMENDOUS job of capturing the essence of what happened. For those who have never been to a uni convention- this is what you’re missing (along with a whole lot of other fun!).

Everyone who rides a unicycle should make it a priority to attend a major unicycle convention.

Fabian- thanks for all the effort you put into this! High 5!