UNICON 16 Travel thread

Hi everyone,

I haven’t seen any relevant discussion, but we’re booking our tickets this week, so I thought I’d start a thread for international riders to discuss things like which airports to fly into, travel within Europe, car hire, bus schedules, things to see and do etc.


I’ll kick things off.

At the moment, we’re looking at flying into Munich as per the UNICON website recommendation. There is a bus from there to Brixen.

The other alternative was to fly into Milan but I’m not sure how we go from there to Brixen yet. Airfares are about the same to either city from NZ.

Which would you rather fly in/out of, bearing in mind that we might spend a day or so there as tourists? Is there more to see in Milan or Munich?

We’d also like to see Venice, but because I have a week between my races (22 July for MUni XC, and 29 July for Marathon), we thought we could take a day trip to Venice, or spend a couple of days there. What’s the easiest way to get to there, and how long would it take to bus/train/fly there? And how long would you spend in Venice? Any long distance riders (you’ll have a week between races), want to join us and hire a car to drive to Venice?

For UNICON organisers- is there any room to store unicycles before, during and after UNICON?

I would say Munchin is pretty awesome. Can’t say I’ve been to Milan.

There is also a direct train it looks like if you didn’t already check that:

There are also a bunch of train passes on that site. And I think you can always get group passes where you can take up to 5 people at a discounted price. That’s probably the best deal for one train.

How much is the bus?

I’m flying into and out of Munich for my Unicon trip. Upon arriving I will be meeting up with some Canadian riders for a week long trans alp muni tour and end up in Brixen in time for UNICON. After UNICON I am taking the train to Innsbruck and then on to Interlaken Switzerland. I’ll be doing a self supported Muni trip on the National Alpine MTB trail for 6 days (350km or so) to Tiefencastle. I’m then making my way to Chur for the beginning of the Grischa Muni challenge that starts soon afterwards. That goes for 3 days and then i’m training it back to Munich for my flight out.

I’ll mainly be using the train system instead of busses for getting around. (easier and much more comfortable)


Damn Mark that sounds amazing. Wish I could join you for it all but will only be able to do the unicon part. See you in a few days at uninats…

Back on topic, I would suggest trains is the best way to travel in Europe. Easy, comfortable and reasonably priced.

Thanks everyone. At this stage it looks like we’ll fly in to Munich- the organisers seem to think that it’s easier than Milan in terms of connections to Brixen.

But we’ll almost certainly go to Venice- probably during UNICON, but maybe after. It’s a 3hr train trip.

Train ticket for sale

I accidentally bought the wrong ticket for one of the eight legs of my journey. If anyone wants a cut-price train ticket from Brixen to Munich on the 2nd of August (departs 17:04, arrives 20:25), please let me know.

Louise and I are up for that trip, Ken. We’re looking to explore a bit during the week between distance events.


Hmmm a wee trip to venice between events sounds like a great plan :slight_smile:

Feel free to visit me in Bern :). (Before 17th) or after Unicon (2nd August) :slight_smile:
Philipp Henestrosa

I am flying into Munich (MUC) on Friday July 20th around 10am. I am then renting a car and driving to Unicon. Another uni rider would be welcome company to help share expenses. I am a noob on this forum. Post a private message or let me know how to get hold of you. Thanks.

i’m going to venice…you all should too!

For anyone who’s curious, that’s my dad. (Doesn’t mean I vouch for his post though.)