Unicon 16 pre-tour down Danube

My wife and I will be doing a short unicycle tour July 14-21, 2012 down the Danube from Passau Germany to Vienna Austria and back again. Part of the trip will be riding, and part will be boating. Total riding distance is about 300 km over 6 days, with the longest day only 67 km. And it is all downhill with a gentle tailwind! At least that’s what the tour operator says :).

After the tour we plan on taking a train the 350 km down to Brixen, Italy for UniCon 16. Are there any other unicyclists (or b*kers) who would like to join us?

I’ve already done it!
You can find the story and pics here, if you can read italian… :slight_smile:
It’s a gentle (almost invisible) downhill from Passau to Wien… But the way back should be a little uphill…
It’s a great tour, fantastic cycling paths and great hospitality for uniers!
If you need infos, contact me!