Unicon 16: My videos


I finally managed to edit some of my clips. First part covers Muni:

I hope to get some other parts soon, but it’s very hard to sit and work on it while summer is still around :slight_smile:

nice video, thanks for sharing.
like the music, and your “helmet”.



Very nice. It’s beautiful out there. I wish I could have gone. This is the first part, so there’s more? Looking forward to it.

It’s fun to see KH neatly traverse bumps that other people fall on.

This is the only Muni part. I plan to have some other activities as well, but I have way to many clips to be motivated to browse them quickly :wink:
And this place was quite tricky with sharp turn and number of roots, but still quite many was able to manage it.

Winter almost came - it has been raining cats and dogs all day here, so I started to look at the videos from Unicon again. This time Freestyle as it was inspired by some talks last week:

I’ve doubted I could prepare any more videos, but I see that maybe wintertime will get something more of the footage I have :wink:

can’t wait for Montreal:D