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Marathon finish!

Here is one of Kjersti’s iPhone-clip from the finishing line, marathon.


I eventually got my own pictures posted:

There are four albums for Unicon XVI: Individual Freestyle, Pairs Freestyle, Group Freestyle and Everything Else.

This year I missed a lot of major events; I didn’t see any actual Trials, Flat or Street competition. :frowning: But I did see lots of other stuff, and had an excellent time. Eventually I will be posting pictures from Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Innsbruck! Those will be found in the Travel section (Europe):

Thanks for sharing, John. I enjoyed it.
And those cable car clips were hilarious!

I’m working on a feature documentary of Unicon 16 – it’s turning out great ! I’ll keep you updated on the final destination…


Cant wait. I still watch the one you made off the unicon in copenhagen 2008 from time to time. I think its the best movie if you want to explain to non unicyclists what our sport is about.

Holding my breath…

Happy New Year! My documentary “Unicon 16 Brixen” is out on DVD and in-stock in North America and Europe! Check out the trailer:

BUY DVD (NTSC) from JESSRIEGEL.com (in California):

BUY DVD (PAL) from MUNICYCLE.com (in Germany):

Unicon 16 Brixen delivers a comprehensive view of the sport of unicycling as it documents the Unicycling World Championship & Convention in Brixen, Italy. Celebrating the spirit of unicyclists from all over of the world, the film captures the essence of competitions in mountain unicycling, trials, distance, freestyle, flatland, street, basketball, hockey, track and more. Fused with a uniquely Riegel soundtrack, Unicon 16 Brixen will entertain, inform, motivate and inspire!
Running Time: 47 minutes.
Fully-Packed DVD with behind-the-scenes and bonus features
Epic Soundtrack!!

I am going to make a thread specific to it, but I wanted to update y’all in this Unicon 16 Media Thread !

Thanks for the support!

-Jess Riegel

I am 59 and a half and happy to see this thread. Lots of good people here and lots of good information. I have never gone to a unicycle convention but from everything I have read I am getting more and more intrigued.


Hi Mike, we must be very close to the same age. On the date you posted that, I was less than a week past being 59 and a half. I’ve been to four Unicons and lots of “lower level” unicycling conventions, and I love it.

Hello Klaas Bil. Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

I will do what I can to get to some unicycle gatherings. Seems like that would be a good goal for my '60’s!!!