Unicon 16 - King of the Alps

To add a bit of fun and hype to this year’s Unicon in Italy, we are organizing a contest similar to Voodoo and Thrasher’s King of the Road (KOTR). For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, it consists of a series of challenges, oriented towards street, trials, flatland and party, that a team has to achieve. Each challenge gives a certain amount of points, which are added up and compared in the end with all the other teams. KOTR, as its name suggests, usually occurs on the road, but for the good of Unicon, our KOTA will be entirely held in Bressanone.

To make it a democratic contest, we will receive your suggestions for challenges by email at zenithproductions at live dot ca until July 16th. We will judge of what is adequate. To give you ideas, you can refer to Voodoo’s KOTR, Thrasher’s KOTR or our own Road to Nationals.

A workshop will be organized at the beginning of Unicon at 11 am on July 20th to present the teams and hand them the challenges. Another workshop will take place at the end of Unicon on July 31st at 5:00 pm to establish the winning team. Look on here (soon…) for more details on the workshops.

We expect teams of 3 to 7 persons, however we are open for special requests. Form your team, choose an original name and please send your team’s name and riders to zenithproductions at live dot ca as soon as possible ! You will still be able to participate if you show up at the opening workshop. We can also form teams if you couldn’t find other team members.

From experience, this is a very fun event that you will never regret having participated in. We welcome everyone from everywhere with every skill level!

Hope to see you at our opening workshop,
Hugo D. and KOTA team

You can now also post your team on the Facebook page !


Unfortunately, I can’t reach your page on FB

Can you please check it yourself, I think the link is down, isn’t it?

edited: It seems to be a problem in my explorer… sorry for being newbie…

Hmm… “King of the Mountain” on strava is how fast someone has down a particular route.

So, when I read “King of the Alps” I instantly assumed you meant “how fast someone can ride a route in the alps (on unicycle)”.

Maybe I can pick a nice 14% grade (up and down!) and see if we can make a true “King of the Alps” hill climb/descent.


Ahah, sorry for the misunderstanding. For now, the challenges involved are mostly street/trials/flatland/freestyle. However, we are planning in the future to have multidisciplinary teams that have to achieve multidisciplinary challenges. It was just easier for this first year to stick with what we knew most.

Ringer Alert.


Scott’s been pretty fast on our little mini-alps tour that we are doing right now.


I totally thought this had something to do with muni too. Not interested now…

It does seem a little silly to call it “King of the Alps” when it’s a competition that has nothing to do with mountains.

Yeah; I think you all might want pick a different name.


one people left for the Ralay 4*100m at Tuesday, 24.7. 15 o clock

I’m Peter Theeg from Dresden, Germany and I would like go to unicon to Brixen.

We need one more people more for the Relay Team Dresdner EinradLöwen Relay 4*100m at Tuesday, 24.7. 15 o clock in the Stadion

You have fun to join us?, please send me a email or pm

With Lance Thornton from PIEDMONT (CA) we are a international team.

Thank you Peter
from Dresden,Germany

Just like the other guys, I had completely the wrong idea from reading the name. I recommend changing it to something that more accurately says what it is. King of the Alps means someone who is best at climbing the Alps, not doing unicycle tricks in a valley in the Alps region.