Unicon 16 dvd

Got an email from info@einrad.it on the 21st saying that the UNICON DVD is “ready”:


and this trailer: http://vimeo.com/49904272

But then it says it is a pre-order.

I’m trying to figure out if it’s order-able in the US? Also if it’s going to be available in any HD format or online or anything like that. The Vimeo trailer looks really nice, and it would be cool if the whole movie was like that.

I bet this info is out there somewhere and I just missed it?

No one has any info about this documentary?

I pre-ordered it from Municycle.com and am just shipping it to the U.S. It’s slightly annoying since Jess (the director) is from California, but hey it will be awesome so who cares? (Plus I’m in the credits :smiley: ) It should be shipped out by the 20th, so not in time for Christmas which is a bit disappointing.

Alright nice! Shipping wasn’t too ridiculous? Also might be annoying having it in PAL format, might not play in some devices, but it probably won’t matter.

Would still be awesome to get an HD version some how. Especially on online I can share with people to show them what Unicon was like. I would be totally willing to donate twice the DVD cost if he would post it on Vimeo.

My “DVD” player is my laptop hooked up to my TV so I’m not too worried. If I really want to use a DVD player, I’ll just rip a NTSC copy for my own personal use.