Unicon 16 Distance events


Does anyone have a course map for the 42K and 100K events at the Unicon 16?

I think you should ask Unicon16 organizers. Try to write an email to info@unicon16.it

If they send you the map, then post it here :smiley: it’ll be useful for me and other riders too

may be helpful…


Thanks Jogi

Thanks Jogi

Helps a bit, but I was looking for a map so I could work out the hills etc :slight_smile:

From what I can tell from Google Maps and a quick search for the start/finish points on the marathon it is very gradually uphill. The start location is about 200m lower than the finish. It seems like there won’t be significant hills during the route as it follows the valley up to Brixen at 600m. I may well have missed things by not plotting the actually route though!

Sounds good to me - level courses suit me fine :slight_smile:


Sounds cool to me too :slight_smile:


Just heard back from the organisers… they havent finalised the course yet :sunglasses:

What??? UNICON in the mountains and no hills!

That would be very sad :frowning:

I always wanted to do something like a mountain-stage finish of a grand tour. Maybe we can find something suitable for a workshop?

Yup, we know you love your hills!!! :wink:

Ah, bummer! not me…I like big downhills :slight_smile:

On last weekend’s “Rob’s Ride” in Santa Cruz I was cruising at 26.5mph on dirt. Yikers! Ironically, I crashed later in the day going down a different part at a slow(ish) speed (12-14mph)


I spent a few wonderful days in the area in September, and managed to cycle approximately the last two thirds of the cycle path between Bozen and Brixen. The cycle path is a well surfaced excellent route and for the most most is steady uphill as previously mentioned. Distances are marked on the path at the Km points (with each Km additionally marked in-between, although I can’t remember exactly if this was every 200 metres or so).

There are some short-sharp climbs (well they were for an old git like me) and with the hot weather, 28° C at the end of Sep, I was glad to reach Brixen for a cold beer.

Uni (8)  2.jpg


Thats great info… thanks very much :slight_smile:

Not sure if anyone posted these yet…


So disappointing that it is going to be basically a flat course. I mean, there are the alps right near by!!! Have the races in the alps!!


I like the courses. :slight_smile: I love when unicycle competition events are public and easy-access. We have rarely had that before New Zealand, and it’s really awesome.

But I do hope there will be some fun MUni rides, on scenic trails with lots of vert!

I don’t necessarily need to ride all the vert, just look at it. :wink: