Unicon 14: results 10km

We both landed down a bank, but we were OK apart from a few scrapes and probably a tyre mark on the kid.

James…I sent Tony my original 36" Schlumpf frame with the Torque lever attachement, and he built it up just before Unicon.

Bad luck. But good to hear no one was injured. If the kid is smart he will ask you to sign his tyre marked T-shirt. Not many people get run over by a unicycle.

It would be too much work to publish all the results, sorry. We are just taking pictures from the result list and then type them over on the computer, and the computers are pretty slow here so it takes a while. The fastest standard time was somewhere around 29:50 I think by Martin Charrier.

Results have been updated with wheel size and geared or fixed.

Cool. The top times are coming in for geared unicycles, now. People are getting good at riding them.

Technically, all of the unicycles in the race were fixed wheel or fixed gear. The definition of fixed wheel or fixed gear is that they are direct drive and missing a freewheel feature. There are almost no freewheeling unicycles around.

Consult the late, great Sheldon Brown under fixed gear.

Good point. Maybe we should call them singlespeed unicycles? But then what does that make your Harper Epicyclic hub? It has gears, but is a singlespeed.

Fixed-axle-to-crank unicycle just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

And is there any reason we need to follow bicycling convention? They don’t call their geared bicycles G-bikes do they?

You got your geared unicycles and you got your ungeared unicycles. Simpler, you got your unicycles and your subset, the geared unicycles.

An ungeared unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t think of that!

But I still liked fixed unicycle. Then we could abreviate it to a funicycle. Or a Funi. It would be much less of a mouthful than saying ‘ungeared unicycle’.


I thought of a better one.  How about calling them Unguni's?  That would make a lot of sense.

Ding! Winner!

How long does it take to remove the gearing in these UnGUni’s?

Ok, here is the updated list for Dustin:

1 Chuck Edwall 20:01:40 Guni 36/150mm
2 Beau Hoover 21:33:10 Guni 36/150mm
3 Dustin Schaap 21:33:80 Unguni 36"/100mm cranks
4 Tony Melton 21:36:80 Guni 36"/140mm cranks
5 Sam Wakeling 21:46:10 Unguni 36"/97mm cranks
6 Ken Looi 22:00:80 Guni 29"/125mm cranks
7 Thomas Olsen 22:14:90 Unguni 29"
8 Arne Tilgen 22:22:20 GUni 36"
9 Roger Davies 22:38:80 Guni 36"
10 Scott Wilton 22:40:50 Unguni 36"

Technically, theres is still a forward and reverse gear in these Unguni’s, but assuming that they will mostly be used in the forward mode, there is no need to remove the reverse gear. It is useful when idling.