Unicon 14 Information Please

does anyone have any information about this?

Places to Stay, Exact Location (nearest airport), that sort of stuff?

their site was updated today but it’s still rather unhelpful.

who else is going?



Here are some answers to your questions:

It’s going to be at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. The nearest airport is Copenhagen Airport.

If there is anything else just ask


Hi mornish,

Check out this thread:

It has all the information I have…
I hope this can help you!!!:slight_smile:



At the unicon 14 homepage (www.unicon14.dk) a lot of information is now online, but unfortunately only in danish.
If you can’t wait till the english info is there, you can try to look for a danish-english translator, or you post something you want to understand in this forum, and I will try to translate it.


Thank you!