Unicon 14 Countdown!


377 days until Unicon 14 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

-Shaun Johanneson

P.S. I figure it only proper to start this thread in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tally ho.

yeah, although we are sat next to you, thought we’d reply.

If its anything remotely like FLUCK, its going to be a great convention!

We’re already planning the roadtrip from Newcastle, England, and Copenhagen, via anywhere we fancy, or are invited! :slight_smile:

Joe and Kit,

Edit: Chin chin old bean :slight_smile:

yeah just a few days more than 1 year till next unicon

Sweet! a thread I can participate in!

Start saving your pennies ladies and gents.

WOOO UNICON! I can’t wait!

and for those who can’t make it possible for what ever reason, it will be also all live in the Internet :smiley:

hopefully i will get to see this one. whenever i went to play the fluck one, the screen was just green. Anyone know how to fix this?

im still uploading it…its gunna be great though 14 minutes left, out of like a 50 minute wait. So what happened Shaun? how’d you get injured?
least that is what I heard why you wern’t in the finals. 69 percent done

Edit:70 percent!

Next time there should be a disclaimer saying whether or not the current footage is actually live. I waited around 3 hours for the street finals only to find out they had already been done but not filmed.

But didn’t we have fun watching the guy training to fend off ninjas?

Haha, the guy who kept getting those things stuck on his nunchucks? Yeah, I suppose that was a good time.

I’m up for that.
It’s about a thousand miles for me, give or take a few.
Just think, it could be like the Cannonball Run, just a lot slower and less glamourous.

We’re hoping to come too.

I’ve just got to check that it doesn’t clash too horribly with the date I have to hand my thesis in before I commit myself totally.

Can I be Burt Reynolds?

I don’t think Burt had a bike rack full of unicycles…
And Kit, it’ll be way better than Fluck!

if i can save up the funds ill be going!

I’ll see about going to Unicon… It’s pretty early to make plans yet I guess.

From Fluck to back to Unicon!

Hello to all the cool people that I met at Fluck. Forrest I am sorry that you were not around to say good bye to. Kit I already miss your aping around! To everyone else Fluck was a kick ass time and I am looking forward to seeing you all again! It is cool though to know the posters behind the posts!


376 days!