Unicon 14: 1500m results

The 1500m results are now online at:


Yuta!!! He should make another freestyle(/flat) vid.

So, UNICON now allows 29ers in track races. The idea was supposedly to attract more interest in track races by increasing the speeds from the 24" unicycles which had been used previously. However, the fastest riders often don’t have a 29er or care about 29er racing. Is it really accomplishing anything to keep these races limited to ungeared 29ers?

The 1500 m 700c is a specialty race - the only one on 700c. It was also held at Unicon13 in 2006 - I think John Foss proposed it. I for one hope that it’ll stay at just that one race. I think more people at Unicon own a ‘race’ standard unicycle, which is an investment that basically only is useful for official races by the current IUF rules.