UNICON 13 Videos

I am hardly the guy to make this thread because I do not actually have a video to show. But, I have looked in the gallery and have found some UNICON 13 Videos.

I hope no one minds me posting them…

This one is very good, it captures what UNICON was like (except there wasnt enough drinking).

This one is also very good, I found it in the same album :o .

Are there any other videos out there that should be posted?


thats some great videos :slight_smile:

Those videos are also available here for downloading :slight_smile:

–> http://vasipaulette.free.fr/

There is also some Freestyle stuff at unicycle.tv under events / unicon13
Under the livestream Button you will still find the uniconnews with some clips and Interviews of the Unicon13 you will also find those episodes on uniconnews.com and you can subscribe for watching them easily with ITunes

All the people in those videos were speaking in tongues.

I want to see more video footage of the street and trials competitions, at least. Are there any?

What about the footage some body said there was of Xavier hurting his ankles treyflipping a 5 set, or something? Were is that?