unicon 12

Hey!!! I’ve got an idea!!! how about we have Unicon 12 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Because of the olympics we’ve got lot’s of stuff for visitors, we’ve got nice mountains for MUni, and I’m sure we could find a gym somewhere, maybe even my high school gym!!! it would be great!! Has anyone else taken this into consideration?

with some little catchy symbol to go with it!!

unicon 12 slc.jpg

Wonderful! Just throw it all together and we’ll be there.

there is the…a… ahem problem that you weren’t supposed to notice, great thanks for spoiling it!!!

What’s worse now is that Spongebob and I are…were the tightest of buddies, too!


are you THIS tight???



spongebob and me-2.jpg

OK, I’ll concede on this one…

I win, Mu ha ha ha ha ha