Unicon 12 freestyle videos

There is a thread in the German forum that mentions some newly posted videos from Unicon 12 in Japan: German Thread - Japan Video

The videos are here: extremeunicycling.de . The site is in German, but pretty easy to navigate even if you don’t speak or read German. The videos are of some of the freestyle performances.

Link to the Unicon 12 videos: http://www.extremeunicycling.de/videos/japan.htm

Sayaka … I think I am in love

Excellent, thanks for the link John.

I was delighted to see Ryan Woessnar do the trick I mentioned in this thread - http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29378&highlight=new+trick .

I think though, after seeing Ryan include it in his Unicon routine, I’ll give up on trying to learn it myself. Maybe I should just stick to muni and trials. :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting the link, John. How is it that you know what’s happening on the German links?


I browse the Deutsches Einradforum occasionally to look for gallery links and video links. I don’t read or speak German so I can’t make much sense of what they are saying. But I am good at spotting the links.

I know there are people in the German forum who also read and post here in the English forum. If one of them could let us know over here when there is a good gallery or a good video posted over in their forums, that would be cool. Same goes for French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese riders. We don’t get to see much of the non-English speaking riders due to the language barrier. When there are good pictures and good videos of these riders it is nice to be able to see them.

Ryan “Smiley” Woessner also does the Smiley Walk near the end of the routine. That is where he does a seat out back wheel walk going forwards.

John Foss also has a video of that routine from NAUCC 2004: NAUCC 2004 Video Clips.

I think it is safe to say that you are better than Ryan at trials. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I feel very isolated from the world as an American. So many of us only speak english and miss out on a lot. I am one of those who only speaks english.

Last winter I had an opportunity to work with a french engineering student who was doing an internship with me at work. It was so much fun to work with her, get to know her and to learn and appreciate a little more about the French. She spoke french, english, japanese and a little german. In their school system, everybody learns french and english. When they are around 12 or 13, they choose a third language to study. Boy, did I feel like a simple, mono-lingual person around her. It was a great experience and has given me more desire to travel abroad. Hopefully for a uni related event someday.