Unicon 06

Does anyone know where Unicon will be held in 2006?

The location for UNICON 13 in 2006 has not been decided. There have not been any formal inquiries or proposals from potential hosts. It will be one of the major items discussed at the IUF, Inc. business meeting in Tokyo on July 27.

Our understanding is that a group in Australia is seriously considering making a proposal to host UNICON 15 in 2010 in Perth. We have also heard that s Swiss group may be discussing a proposal to host UNICON 14 in 2008 somewhere in the southern part of their country. We look forward to hearing from these groups and from any other groups that may have interest.

Tom Daniels
Secretary / Treasurer, International Unicycling Federation, Inc.

I’d heard about unicon 2010 possibly located in aus…but i thought it would be like eastern states like most things. If it was in perth that would be sooooo cool (i live in perth).

It would be winter in AUS during a UNICON held in late July - early August. I’m told Perth is being considered because the weather there would still be acceptable for outdoor activities in July - August.

It would be great to have it in Perth- I’ve got heaps of rellies over there :p.
I think winter is a much better time for riding in Perth- it’s nice and not cold at all. Everytime we go in Summer it gets to 40+ degrees.

i prefer summer a lot more here. It only gets 40 degrees like a few days every summer and then you can just go to the beach or whatever. In winter we actually get quite a bit of rain, but unlike melbourne were its drizzling 24/7, we usually get big days of rain and days of no rain.