Unicicling Kids!!!!

Hi guys!

I finally made my first video!!! It is from a basketball and hockey practice that we organized for a group of kids this last Sunday. Here are some of the future members of the Puerto Rico All-Stars unicycle basketball team. Hope you enjoy it!!!


Looks fun!

when the basketball falls does someone have to get off to get it back up?

Good stuff. You’ve got some great riders there. Nice venue as well. (open air with the luxury of a roof)

Usually if the basketball falls inside the court the riders can pick it up while riding the unicycle, but if the ball falls outside then someone have to get off to get it back up. The rules for unicycle basketball are the same as regular basketball with only this few exceptions or variations:

thanks for the clarification. Now knowing that uni basketball is like regular basketball I must assume that I am bad at it and steer clear of it.