Unicicle sun Question URGENT

i want to buy this unicicle, someone has it, or know anything about it, there are not much descriptions in internet, is it beter than the torkerlx 20" and it is the only model i can get, just want specs and what you think it will be able to handle jumps and some normal trial and street, i will buy pedals for it:)

this is the uni

thanx a lot

It looks like it is pretty much a freestyle uni, so not made for jumps and drops. Comparing to a Torker LX, I would say it’s very similar, but the Torker probably wins on a couple of things. The frame on the Torker is CrMo steel, so lighter/stronger. The crown on the Torker was brought down last year to get better foot/crown placement. Otherwise the two uni’s seem pretty close.

As for the Sun’s I would say that the Flat Top OR is probably the only one that is really designed for aggressive riding, but it has a 24" wheel which may not be what you’re looking for. It’s too bad they Flat Top Extreme doesn’t have the ISIS cranks that are on the OR. If it did it might just do what you want.