UniChristmas too

After selling my spare 20" unicycle in November, I gradually acquired all the
ingredients needed to build up a unicycle and put them in a box so that my wife
could give me for Christmas. So after a hearty meal, whilst most would be
setting about sleeping off the turkey or getting stuck into a 2000 piece jigsaw
with the relatives, I set about the task of fitting the bearings to the axle and
starting to lace the spokes. After an hour or so I pondered the wisdom of
starting this task so soon after imbibing several glasses of wine. I unlaced the
40 or so spokes that I had put in so far and started again from scratch. (Always
check where the valve hole will be in relation to gaps in the spokes –
especially with 48 in a 20” wheel). I finally finished building my Unicycle kit
at 6pm on Christmas Day but couldn’t rush outside and practice because it had a
virgin white Primo tyre intended for indoors. I settled for a practising still
stands in my mother-in-law’s hallway (not while she was looking!). …… and I
still haven’t had a chance to ride it properly as I found the local juggling
club’s hall closed on Boxing Day! Some people are so inconsiderate ! Perhaps
I’ll put a black tyre on and try it in the street ……

Leo White, Cheltenham

Re: UniChristmas too

Leo White wrote in message <5AT94.444$Ai.25440@news3.cableinet.net>…
>After selling my spare 20" unicycle in November, I gradually acquired all the
>ingredients needed to build up a unicycle …
Built it, photographed it, ridden it (the tyre’s not quite so white now).