Unicast episode 2 weird parts!

Check out some of these weird parts I got in my bin guys.

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Hi phil!
None of those parts are weird. Just my opinion. They are all cool!

The 102mm crank is probably third-party. Miyatas probably came with “typical” sized cranks off the rack, and people would then change length for their specialized stuff, like Freestyle. Nowadays 89mm is very popular with wheel-standers. :slight_smile:

Those short Moment cranks may have been customized aftermarket for Freestyle, unless you know they were sold that way. Looks like they took a longer one and shortened it. The lack of a sleeve for the pedal suggests it was intended for Freestyle or otherwise “light” riding. But the most unicycle breakage in my unicycling life was from doing Freestyle, so I would be skeptical about those pedals for hard Freestyle use, especially if it involves jumping down from the wheel over and over.

Why did I break so many Freestyle unicycles? Because Munis and Trials unicycles didn’t exist yet! I broke lots of hubs, a few frames and various other parts. One of my frames broke a week or two before Unicon, and I had to do my Freestyle competition on a borrowed uni. I had practiced on that one, but it didn’t help my overall performance. That was the time the sound went out in the middle of my performance, and I had to do it over. I got the bronze, which I felt was a fair result. That was at Unicon VII. :slight_smile:

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I was told that this KH 100mm were a prototype. it looks like it was machined this way with the end of the crank matching the shape and form of my other moment cranks. maybe it was made right in the window between the end of the moments and the start of the spirits?

That’s cool. Maybe they were looking into addressing the Freestyle crowd, and/or riders of 20-inchers that wanted shorter cranks for various purposes.

Just recently I was thinking about trying 140mm cranks on my geared 36". Then I realized Spirits only come in a few sizes. I think Spirits are the only cranks that will fit with my disc brake. :frowning: I could get the 117/137s, but for $120 that’s a big chunk to spend on an experiment. Recently I’m getting to where I can ride up more and steeper hills in high gear, but if I do go shorter it will mean shifting for most of those. Not sure if I will be comfortable with the shorter crank in high gear. Right now my speed is limited by “nerves” rather than ability to pedal faster. I top out around 15mph on the flats, and average a little slower, when it’s flat and smooth.

That was totally off topic. and BTW, yesterday I forgot to compliment you on your giant Unicon 16 banner! Don’t ever throw that away; it would look great in my garage/museum! :slight_smile:

I think 15 mph is plenty :stuck_out_tongue: