UniCamp Part 2 : Amplify

Finally ! Never thought it would take 4 months to edit 2 minutes of footages.

For the new one,

Day 1 was Julien and I, day 2 was Julien, Émile and I and day three was Émile and I. This is not part 2, this is actually part 3, but we didn’t get enough footages the second day to do a whole vid with them. The third day, Julien decided not to go to Montreal, he was supposed to film on his side (And I don’t know what happened, if he filmed or not, I never got the footages anyways…). (What you don’t know is that Émile and I kept riding for 7 other days :roll_eyes: )

So here is Part 2 (or 3, never mind), Amplify.

Enjoy !


is there a DL link somewhere? the Dailymotion link doesn’t work for me…

You can try Youtube, it might works. If not, I could always send you by e-mail or whatever the actual file.


thanks! awesome video, great music choice, why did your shoe come off you should know better than to ride with loose shoelaces… that could end up in a face plant… lol

Speak for yourself…

As if you’re awesome Hugo. Good video guys.

what the heck does it being a skate shoe hafta do with anything? I wearskateshoes and they dont come offa my feet

yeah the riding looks old, your kicking but in unitrix and i didnt even see a crankflip outta you lol.