Unic(ycle) Tube ! For Videos

As you wish, not asking to change :wink: Unicycletv rocks!

There is also a problem with the description/comments on Opera 9.23.

Other than that, preliminarily it looks good.

I’ll have to look into that… Not that I use Opera, but I like opera :wink: Thanks for the info and comments.

It may be about a week before bugs notified here are worked on as I’m doing a lot of painting and decorating in the real world!

Comment system fixed

Just a quick message to let you know the comment system on www.UnicTube.com has been updated and is now functional.

this site looks really cool i think, ive only just found it and didnt see this thread, ive just added some of my videos



check them and support this cool site aswell as unicycle.tv