Unic(ycle) Tube ! For Videos

Hi everyone,

I’ve just setup a new website called Unic(ycle)Tube
The web address is www.UnicTube.com

It is similar to the website www.JuggleTube.com that I opened at the beginning of the summer, and it is made to host, share and view tons of unicycling videos. It has just opened today, so for the moment, there are only a few videos, but you may wish to check it out and maybe add a video or two. All comments and feedback are welcome as we are still working on adding features and polishing a few things here and there.

For the moment the website is published in English, Spanish and French, but we are working on an Italian and a German version to be published soon (within a month or two). We’re also looking for a little help on translations, if anyone is interested in doing a translation into any other language, all help is welcome, there are only a few pages to translate and translations are fairly simple…

Looking for comments and feedback to make it all better.

All the best.

This Video http://www.unictube.com/view/6/unicycle-stunts

On your site is a good one.


Sounds dangerously similar to “EunuchTube” if read incorrectly.

I’ve never heard of this before :wink:

haha…I guess that came out wrong. Now I’m hoping that such a thing doesn’t actually exist…

Uni tube would be cooler to bad it was taken.

I don’t think there would be high enough demand for Eunuch’s to need there own video site. :roll_eyes:

Cool idea, i agree though “unic” isn’t really a good abbreviation of unicycle. If uni was taken, maybe unicycletube would be better or theunicycletube or theunitube, etc.

Also to give some more feedback:

Your Video stat/login/etc div is not displaying correctly in my IE browser. It is being pushed down below the left content instead of floating correctly to the right. It works fine on Firefox, but the right content looks bad in IE.

Don’t you love browser differences?! It sucks making sure it works on both IE and firefox, but you should at least have it display correctly for IE since more than 70% of your visitors will be using IE.

Other than that, the site looks great!

www.unicycle.tv :roll_eyes:

The layout is awesome :roll_eyes:

Very cool! Good job.
I asume it’s at Rue Voltaire?

what are the best video format to upload to ?
what is the max mb for a video ?

the site is great

i loved


First of all, thanx for all the feedback, it’s great to hear after all the work that has gone into this project :wink:

One thing I have noticed is I have forgotten to finish the comments system (this was supposed to be finished before openning up)… Too bad I’ll be getting this done shortly, once I’ve got some sleep :slight_smile: ) Sorry about this in the meantime!

Here are some answers to questions in asked in previous messages:

What format does the upload process expect? MPG? WMV? XviD? MP4?

You should be able to upload almost anything. Try it out, if it doesn’t work let us know, but nearly everything and anything should work!

What resolution does the upload process expect? 320x240? 640x480?

Anything you like, the video is encoded by the server to :
//Resized Video Width
$config[‘vresize_x’] = 512;
//Resized Video Height
$config[‘vresize_y’] = 384;

What are the best video format to upload to ?

I guess Xvid or divx in rather good quality would be best (mpeg4).

But the encoder is quite good at encoding most formats, Nearly all formats are functionnal except for 3gp and other telephone formats… But the quality on these isn’t really interesting enough… Feel free to do some trials to see what you get best results with, it’s easy enough to add and remove videos from your account.

What is the max mb for a video ?

Approx 100mb, but if you have an extra fast connexion you should be able to bipass this as its all to do with the connexion timing out… This is a little beyond me, but I would like to fix this for both UnicTube and JuggleTube. For the moment between 100mb and 150mb is an approximate limit. I’d like to improve on this in the futur. I can’t for the moment give an ETA on this.

Are people actually able to download videos to their hard drive to keep, as opposed to wasting bandwidth every single time they have to go online to view it again?

Yep if you want you can download videos using the download function… Does that work for all of you out there? (right click, save target as.

If yes, will they be the original uploaded format or the messy FLV they end up at?

You will only be able to downlaod an flv file (for people who don’t know how to read these files, I recommend using vlc media play, you can download this fo free from videolan website.

You should find the quality is quite good unless the video uploaded by the visitor was bad quality to start with. Let me know what you think of the quality. I would like in the futur to add the downloadable original file, this would be really nice, but for the moment I don’t have enough space on the server and can’t afford a much bigger server (it is already an impressive server running the site as it is. JuggleTube is only running off of the same machine). While awaiting for a downlaod feature there I recommend adding a download link to the video descriptions. This would be quite practical in fact… I’ll think of adding a field specialy for this in the near futur…

Your Video stat/login/etc div is not displaying correctly in my IE browser.

UnicTube has been tested in many browsers including IE. It seams to run nicely in all browsers I’ve tried on different resolutions except for on IE6 and other IE 6 based browsers… I’m sorry about this, but it’s really hours of work for IE to work 100%. But thanks for pointing this out, it means it’s an important issue, and I will look into it in the furut (I’m going to take a small break from this project for a few days though, been eating it, drinking and it and dreaming it in the few hours sleep I’ve had recently!!!)

Uni tube would be cooler to bad it was taken.
A lot of thinking did go into the name… I don’t know, I haven’t had enough sleep recently to comment on this one! I’ve grown to like this name over time…

Thanks again for all your comments and video uploads! I’ll try and get the comments system up and working ASAP.

EDIT: Has anyone tried to embed UnicTube videos on their website, blog or other, I would be curious to know if you have run into any problem doing this as this hasn’t been tested 100% before launching the website. Anyone got some links to see how it all looks?

Actually make that just IE. All the other browsers are pretty consistent in there adherence to the standards for HTML and CSS. IE is still playing by its own set of rules. Unfortunately it is still by far the most dominant browser in use, so you have to make sure it works in IE even if you built it standards-compliant. Microsoft likes to talk about using outside standards…

Anyway, the site looks great and worked just fine on my Firefox browser on my Mac. Yes, too bad about the “Unic.” Oddly, I went to unitube.com to see what was there, and it seems to belong to a company called Unichem, or “unic-hem.” :smiley:

Yeah, I know, browser compatability is annoying. IE6 is probably going to be the most widely used browser on your site (based on my own stats and other stats I have seen online). When I’m coding, I usually test IE6 and firefox.

The keyword here is “pretty”.

IE definitely has more annoying things about it like something I just did 1 min ago:

//For most:
z.setAttribute(“class”, “coups”);
//For Stupid IE:
z.setAttribute(“className”, “coups”);

Although, I also don’t follow W3C DOM standard when coding all the time either. I love using .innerHTML.

Thanks again for comments and feedback!

I have to fix IE issues, but I’ll give myself some time to do this… Currently building a huge set inside my store, so when customers come in, they’ll get the impression they’re coming on stage… so I’m going to do some painting… At least painting won’t give me a headache because of incompatibilities and IE issues… Although it is a ceiling I’ll be painting, so I could end up with a head/neck ache!

Wish more people would move to firefox… Or actualy not necessarily move towards firefox but away from IE!

To IE issues… you have to look how the MS people make websites. Have a look how I do reliable MSIE detection (w/o java, and even aganst USER_AGENT string fakers!). MS has pretty good whitepapers, that do explain a lot. More than Apple browsers’ that confirm the slogan: “Think Different”.

What standards?

Start by solving all the errors in above link, once they’re solved you’re probably done (or almost done) for all browsers.

sorry, but Im gonna stick with unicycle.tv