UniBrier's Torker

This thread is specifically for UniBrier or anyone who has any experience with the 2004 Torker DX 20. How do you like it? I’m looking for a good freestyle/trials hybrid for under $200.
This thread was going in Product reviews, but I thought I’d get more response here.
Unibrier, have you bent your cranks yet? How is the splined hub holding up? Would you still buy this uni for heavy-duty freestyle?
I don’t intend to get into hardcore trials any time soon, but I do plan on abusing a freestyle uni and maybe doing a little bit of trials (especially for doing thing like dropping off short stages or going down stairs in the middle of a freestyle performance just to scare the audience).

i rode UniBrier’s Torker last month and like it well enough, when summer time comes around and i have some extra cash i will probally get one but i do not intend on doing anything paricularly extreme with it

Paco, you made me laugh.:slight_smile: I saw your earlier post this morning but couldn’t reply till my lunch break.

For your intended use, abusing a freestyle as stated, it seems to fit the bill.

I posted this in UPR:

My impressions remain the same. Heavy duty freestyle also good for light trials.

The only additional abuse I have done is more hopping up steps and lame drops (under 2’, I save anything bigger for my Summit). The uni is holding up well (I am 180 lbs and don’t roll out of drops well, if you get my drift.) with no apparent damage yet.

It is fine as a freestyle, I can do all the stuff through level 4 on it, I’m currently working on the level 5 skills, non achieved yet though but that’s not the uni’s fault.

A few minor downsides:

The KH seat on the DX is tougher than the Miyata style to pull out and in for seat out skills.

One of the Wellgo Pedals has developed a click. JC thinks it may be a split or out of round bearing. I need to take the pedal apart. But that is a Wellgo complaint, not Torker.

Unipsychogirl bought a DX24, I don’t know what she was doing but she does have a couple bruises from where the flat crown sticks slightly out from the legs.

One of our club members bought a 04 LX20 for Christmas. One of the cylinders in the double bolt seat clamp appears to have stripped out so right now it is a single bold clamp.