Unibob XI : The eleventh vid!

My collection of the stuff I filmed over the winter.

Couple of upd’s , bit of muni and trying to get one foot riding is taking longer than expected.


Feel free to rip me apart or give me constructive criticism. I won’t cry.

Yo bob! Your getting better I see.

lol classic bobbail at 2:33

Bob-a-loo … your work is showing.
I enjoyed watching … especially the fall into camera.
Nice scene riding on the beach and the 180’s.

lol i love that bail at 2:33 :smiley:

:smiley: yes i am too :smiley:

hey there, was the muni filmed at the Wrekin near telford by any chance

Heh heh, thanks for the comments guys. I have way too many bails to put in but I select only the finest

The muni stuff was on Haughmond Hill just across the A5 from the Wrekin. I’ve been down the Wrekin a couple of times, on my 20" and 29". It’s great fun.

I see you’re in Staffs, you get on Cannock Chase much? Supposed to be some good riding there for bikes, what about MUni, any decent territory there?

Thanks for watching and commenting!!!

You are sure improving. You look really comfortable on the 29er.