Unibiker's Sem 26 clearance problem

Here’s the story. Apparently, Semcycle uses the same frame for the 24 and the 26. So I didn’t get the wrong frame. I got the wrong tire (I thought the Kujo DH looked a little macho for a standard issue tire). Unicycle.com was out of the standard tires, and rather than hold up my order, they upgraded the tire at no charge (terrible isn’t it). And the upgrade came with an apology (at the same time I was thanking them). It is a very tight fit, but usable if the tire doesn’t have a hop in it (few knobby tires are perfectly round). I first had to true the hop out of the tire with spoke adjustment and (as John Childs recommended) grind about 1/32" off of the frame tube that protrudes below the weld (if you try this, don’t grind into the welded area). I think it should be alright if I don’t get into any sticky gummy clay type mud. I may even get better traction since my ‘built in tire scraper’ should keep the mud from building up. Of course, a side benefit of going with a 26" wheel is that it’s easy to find knobby and street replacements to experiment with (my garage is full of them). Now I can go out and practice falling off of this thing. Before long, I’m sure the frame and my shins will have matching scratches, dings, and bruises. As I mentioned previously, Unicycle.com has been a better than expected internet purchase. If they have what you need, don’t hesitate.

i would have gone with the 28 inch Sem XLW frame.it would have loads of clearance over a 26x3.0

the frames are cheap though so it really doesnt matter in time.

Hey Jeff,

thanks for the update on the frame. Get some 661’s for those shins, you will need them, especially when you start playing around.


If the mud causes a problem, and I find that I like the DH a lot, I will try a larger frame. If I go larger, is the Sem the best way to go?
By the way, I’m getting more negative comments on the MUni. Now I’m beginning to understand what you meant by ‘unicycling in peace’. Most Unibike comments are positive. What’s the difference?


I haven’t heard of 661s. How do they compare to Roach and where can I find them?

for now Yes (maybe that NimbusII aswell)because you cant beat them for the money.

in the future though, the best of the “cheap” will be able to take a larger seat tube diameter for no extra cost (say 25.4 and up) 22.2 gets the twist going all to easy.

half the reason i bought a KH was the seat tube size.(insider tip:i have heard that the next batch of KH’s were going to have a 25.4 seat tube instead of the 29.0 that the 1st batch had.)

because now you look like a clown:D

seriously though i find that the faster you go on a uni the less comments you get.its some sort of speed-respect combined with the wind in your ears.

my guess is your 26inch uni is alot slower than the uniBike’s 34/15 therefore your just hearing more people at slower speeds.

Maybe Unicycle.com will throw in a pair of earplugs with a Velo seat purchase?