Unibiker rememberance plaque.

I didn’t know Jeff Baker aka Unibiker. I never got the opportunity to talk with him of chat with him ever. But what i do know about him is that he really enjoyed unicycling. From what i have read about him, he was an extremely nice fellow. As i posted in honor of his birthday, he was indirectly responsible for the creation of one of my contraptions, the SMD. I wish to remeber him for what he did for our community.

So i have looked through the internet to create an award plaque in his honor. There are quite a few different ones i have been looking at, and all are equally brilliant.

I was thinking of this one, because one can put in the now-famous unibiker riding his creation photo, or another.

It would be passed around or just given to his family.

It would be really nice if we could put a collaborative message on there from the entire unicycling community.

we should do that!
I would help to pay for it.

It’d be real nice if we got a real big one and had everyone contribute one thing to it, but that’d take up a whole wall if not five…

i think a letter or email with one nice thing that each person wanted on it would be better.

Im not sure id want a im sorry your son is dead plaque in my house.

But we could make like a email thing

I was thinking it could be passed around kind of thing… you know, like an award for the most eninuative (sp?) unicyclist, and it’d get one name carved on each year and get passed around.

i know this may sound a little insensitive but who is unibuker and what happend to him

Re: Unibiker rememberance plaque.

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 22:50:34 -0600, abbabibble wrote:

>So i have looked through the internet to create an award plaque in his
>honor. (…)
>It would be really nice if we could put a collaborative message on
>there from the entire unicycling community.

Just so you know, when unibiker had just passed away (early 2005),
Catboy made a Memorial Video for unibiker, basically a compilation of
fragments that unicyclists sent him, with some editing. It came out
very nicely.

Read about it here: http://www.unicyclist.com/thread/37415

I think that better than just a remembrance plaque, you could have some kind of remembrance award, which people do all the time. Maybe at something like NAUCC or UNICON, as an award for the greatest innovation in unicycling that year. Or greatest contribution to unicycling, or greatest contribution to the community, or something. Or a kind of category (Nobel Prize-style) system, wouldn’t need much, just a decision on who wins what award in each category (most innovative new skill, greatest technical improvement, most adventurous, etc), and a certificate of some form. Just keeps his memory alive in the best way IMHO.


i think remembering is best, lets all do that right now.

that’s exactly what i was thinking, except in plaque form… you know the one with a million little tags for peoples names to be engraved on?

It has been requested by friends of the family to ask that the memorial plaque project for UniBiker be abandoned. The reason is that it will bring up unnecessary ill feelings at the wrong time. I’m sure that the intentions behind the memorial are sincere but we should honor their request.