unibiker Memorial Video is finished.

First off, I would like to thank everyone here who contributed, and ven those who didn’t. Although I didn’t use eveyones photos/vid’s it was mostly because I hadn’t expected such a huge response, and so I had the video almost done, while peoples “donations” were still rolling in. Currently the video is in a 14mb form to fit on the gallery, but I am looking for a site to host the 56mb version so that Jeff Myers could possibly use it for his friends’ gathering to remeber Jeff.

The video’s basic Idea was to show all of Jeff’s friends how much we support him, and just kind of show that we will ride with the memory of him with us. I was able to get a clip of Jeff doing some of his amazing Moto-x riding on one wheel, and some pictres of him too.

I did what I could, and if anyone wants to add some constuctive criticism before I host a large version please feel free, because I would like to make this video as good as possible before delcaring it “finished”. I hope this is somewhat enjoyable.

View It Here (14mb)

wow that was verry touching music with the video

thanks for putting my brother and me in the film eventhought we arent even comparable to the others. But remember one thing i have been doing Muni up till X-Mas of this year then swiched to Trials

I think you did a great job on that, Catboy. Thanks for doing it.
I know that his friends and family will be very touched by it.


Very nicely done. It’s a great idea and you’ve pulled it off very well.


Re: unibiker Memorial Video is finished.

Nice effort. The shots and music go very well together, and I was glad you finished up with shots of unibiker and that great quote.

In terms of anything constructive, not sure I’d change anything. Jeff had some other great quotes, and it might be interesting to sprinkle one or two more into the middle part of the movie. Only other thing was I didn’t see Bevan listed in the Riders credits, but was pretty sure I saw him in the footage.

Good stuff.

very nice

that vid ‘moved’ me…

Nice work.

That was a beautiful, thoughtful, selfless piece of work, Catboy.

I am sure unibiker would have been happy


Great Job. Great choice of music. Didn’t Jeff have a video online of him riding his unibike at one time? It seems like I remember it being posted by him a last summer. I will check and see if I have it downloaded, If anyone else may have it, that would be really cool to add.

I have fixed all the credits and cleaned up the video a bit and have finalized it all into a 60mb form. It should be hosted by late tonight or early tomorrow.

I will link you all.

catboy you really deserve some credit for putting that together. i admire you greatly. great music, editing, everything. the clip of unibiker on the motorcyle was truly amazing, and placed perfectly in the movie. he sure was one skilled rider


That was so awsome you know when you think about sometimes we take life for granted and right now i feel very lucky to be here:(

Thankyou everyone for the comments. I have finished and uploaded the Hi-Res version of the video(thanoyu Dave Lowell) and you can view it:
I hope all of you enjoy it!!!

That was a great video. I wish I could have helped contribute in some way.

Wow, that was really nice, Catboy and featured riders. What a lovely gesture. Good work.

Righteous work, Catboy.

Such sad news; my sympathies go out to all who knew Jeff.

Wonderful video. It’s nice to see the wide variety of riders and styles. Most of us have never met each other, but just for the simple fact that we all have something in common we can call each other friends. It’s sad to lose such a unique member of the unicycling community.

He’s the guy who when people said “you lost a wheel”, they were serious.

Good guy. Good video. well done.

Catboy that was very touching. You did an awesome job. Your time, care and concern are very appreciated.

Thank you so much for a wonderful tribute to a great person who will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

As I have read his posts in this forum I have found great comfort in all the kind words. Jeff was a wonderful, intelligent and gentle man and we will miss him everyday.

Susan Myers

Re: Righteous work, Catboy.

that’s the word i was looking for…

thank u, Catboy