hmmm, interesting idea, but I say no.

There used to be a guy on the forums (Unibiker) who mainly rode a unicycle made out of a bicycle.

Kevin Jones is pretty friggin’ sweet.

Kevin Jones is the reason that flatland is the way it is today(with help from Chase Gouin and Mark Eaton)…he was and still is a true innovator. The unibike…well, it’s not my thing…but I’m sure in K.J.'s mind it’s a tool to help him innovate rather than a means to an end. Just be glad he hasn’t picked up a unicylce(that I know of)…because trust me, he’d blow minds. Kevin has an ultra developed sense of balance, and if I had to pick anyone that could learn the hardest of unicycle freestyle tricks in a day or two, I’d pick Kevin. While we’re at it…do a search for “unbike” videos. Like the Unibike, the Unbike is not a means to an end but a tool to help push the boundaries of flatland. Long live the Plywood Hoods…just a bunch of dorks that changed BMX forever.