Unibike - Construction Tips

Hey, I have an extra bike that no one uses and I was wondering if anyone could perhaps lend some tips as to how I should go about forming into a unibike - similar if not the same as unibikers.

I need to know things such as if i need to change any hardware, how and where to change seat position, what to remove, if i need to cut anything off…etc.

Thanks for your probable help,
Cole Chapman


I would also be interested in these tips…

maybe a future project :slight_smile:



Re: Unibike - Construction Tips

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Jeff Baker (unibiker) would be in the best position to answer. He
doesn’t post here very often anymore but you could give <unibiker {at}
unicyclist [dot] com> a try. Maybe he has a forward to his regular

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Sorry about the delay. I don’t spend much leisure time in front of the computer these days, due to the back injury that is aggravated by too much sitting, or too much standing, or too much of anything that provides a chance for the back to stiffen up. Luckily, unibiking is the best thing for it since I’m leaning forward with much of my weight being supported by my arms, my lower back is in constant motion to control the balance, and my legs are constantly moving. This doesn’t leave much time for things to stiffen up. A series of spinal injections are only a few days away, followed by possible back surgery.

If you haven’t found the requested building tips by now, take a look at this thread. How to Turn an Artistic Bike It explains much of the details of my favorite pedal powered toy.

You might also benefit from some of the threads concerning this contraption. A username search for ‘unibiker’ should provide some additional rambling about the project. Please consider the danger involved in cutting the forks off. Dismounts can be painful! It’s just as much fun to ride with the front wheel in place if it’s not windy, and it’s much safer.

Good luck.