UniBar v4 - plus N36 cable brake setup

Steve was asking for pictures of my latest UniBar; it is the same as my last, but has a slightly lower angle and a little longer in front. I also mounted a brake to it. As mentioned in another thread, i recently moved from the Maguras to a cable brake, and I like the cable brake a lot more.




Or, if you are lazy, here’s one embedded:

I really like having the ‘power grips’ on my handle. I can do fast cornering by keeping one hand on the lower handle part (the power grip) and the other hand on the longer handle bar (the handlebar). It works great! I also really like using the grips to power up really steep hills. Overall, the handlebar and brake setup has really made my riding a lot more pleasant, and made me faster. By gripping both handlebars, it prevents speed wobble, and lets me confidently spin a little quicker.


:slight_smile: wow that would look great on the new coker V2

The “Squid bar”…or “Sushi bar!” :sunglasses:

that looks nice

Gotta love it! I use a long bar section to allow different hand positions, but with yours you have a more natural grip angle.

+1 for “Squidbar”.

+1 for squid bar

Hey, not half bad, the Corbin! Pretty cool! You (among others) make me want to learn how to weld. Seriously…

That’s a pretty far out handle (both literally and figuratively…) It looks like it stretches twice as far as the tip of my T7.