UniBar (Coker unicycle handle bar) - 3d model file in SketchUp

Howdy all,
I outlined my unicycle handlebar in SketchUp (roughly). SketchUp is a free 3d program from Google. Feel free to download it and tweak it.


That looks awesome, I wish I had the skills and materials to make one of those. Do you need to have any special attatchments to add them to the seats? Or how do they attatch?

I somewhat discussed it in an older thread, but here is a recap:

For plastic seat bases, the bracket underneath attaches to the 4 bolts for the standard KH handle, AND it extends back further (with a slight angle) to attach directly to the seatpost. This makes it not flex, and you don’t risk breaking your plastic seat base.

For Carbon fiber seat bases, it just attached to the 4 bolt holes for the regular KH handle. New pictures in a new thread in a minute :slight_smile: