im just begining this awsome sport of unicycling, i can ride a ways, and turn a little, but my unicycle(a oxford with a bent rim) is making things difficult, so im going to purchase a new one, so do you think that a Schwinn would be good? also a 20 or a 24?


try the ‘search’ function at the top of this page
try searching for things like ‘first unicycle’, ‘buy’ ‘uni’ and so on
that should get u to a bunch of threads where this kind of thing is discussed

u may want to take your rim to a cycle shop and see if they can straighten it out for u
that way u might be able to ride for a while longer while u figure out what kind of riding u want to do
freestyle, muni, trails, street and long distance may not neccesarily ‘demand’ specialised machines
but it will give u an idea of what kind of uni u’ll be looking for