Uni57's Rail

Stumbled on this picture in the Gallery; it took me some time to figure out how to get up on the rail to ride it… :wink:

Key was wondering why it needed to be so high for proper posture when Mr. 57 fell from the rail- ‘I like to have time to compose myself on the way down…’

LOL! I can be so tunnel visioned!


I don’t ride on top – yet… :slight_smile:

After I learned to mount, I stopped using the railing. A few days ago, I dragged it back onto the patio and started using it again. For learning to idle and go backwards. And to ride seat-in-front (which I think is a worthwhile exercise for a beginner – to learn to pedal evenly).

I’m also learning to do a rolling mount (without the railing). It’s not that hard. It’s exactly like a standard mount but with a few steps leading up to it (and a bit of timing). Woo hoo! :smiley:

uni57 (Dave)