Uni412's new movie

Hey, my brother and I both striped our unicycle hubs about a month ago, and have had some extra time to put together a movie showcasing our summer riding. Right now we have uploaded a the street/trials section of the movie and are planning to upload a muni section latter. The street/trials section is only 5.5mb.

Please give us any filming, editing, and riding suggestions.

The link is:

Very, very nice. I really liked some of the angles (although the party in the beginning was disorienting in a cool way), and the editing was very creative. I’m probably going to steal stuff for the SWAT movie.

My only complaint is that it was really small and hard to see some of the stuff some times. I noticed it was called super compressed or something. Can you publish a larger, higher quality version?

Sorry about the low quality. I tried to upload a higher quality version but after three hours nothing happened. If you “save target as” instead of just clicking on the movie, then you can open it in Quicktime and make it larger.

Thanks for the comments.

That’s what I did, so I could have it on my computer. You can maximise quicktime, but then you can really see how low quality the vid is. It gets all blotchy.

What software did you use to edit it? You should be able to get all different qualities. Just make it a little larger bitrate. That should increase the resolution.

Cool music and some good riding. The camera stuff was pretty cool. Well done.

Upon review. Play it at 2x, and its fine, but any bigger is too blotchy and any smaller is to tiny…

Good riding and very well filmed. As for video quality, do your best to get higher-quality video uploaded, but if this is the best you can do, that’s that.

Also, good music choice!

you need to go bigger,

i mean like way bigger. it looks like you have the setup for it… so use it

thanks for all the suggestions