what uni would be best for a 20 mile ride or longer. it would be on the road. I waqs thinking about a 29" touring unicycle but the coker goes faster so it would be easier to go on.


ok thanks inwas thinking that but i wasn’t sure since the other one was made for touring. anyways i will get a coker and be happy


it might take you a while to learn but happy learning =)

thanks. i will have to save up my money

you dont need a coker for distance…some people do 20miles on a 24"… i would suggest a 29er if money is tight…its just as good in my opinion just a little slower

geared coker…

i would get that but i want it now and if i get a 28" or 29" i already have the money

Don’t compromise. Get a coker.

Read up on threads about 29" vs. Coker. There IS no substitute, my friend.

Don’t worry about it. Get the 29er if you’ve not got the money for the coker.

They’re both fast enough to ride 20 miles no problems. You might find you don’t really like distance in which case the coker is a very large and pointless waste of space, whilst the 29er can be used sensibly for muni and is handier just for getting round town.

Having said that, if I was to ride 20 miles tomorrow, I’d use the coker every time.


get a coker…

Welcome Lucky_8!


That should have been your subject line. The subject should tell us the subject, so we know if we’re interested to read the thread.

For distance riding, if you plan to do lots of distance, not just a big ride here & there, I definitely recommend saving up for the Coker. If you want something more flexible (a little more maneuverable, fits better in cars, can be ridden on more trails), the 29er will work but will always be slower.

Nice trick, using a nebulous and very nodescript title to get people to look at a subject that’s been discussed, oh, about a hundred times in the last year. I usually don’t rag on people about “using the search button” but in this case I’ll make an exception. The “Coker vs. 29er” debate has been beaten to death around here.