Uni-Yoga Video clips

ah the Zen within

it turns out that DDR’s camera can take Mov’s too. here’s a couple video clips of me doing the Uni-Yoga.ignore all the untitled ones and go straight to the last two labled uni-yoga 1 and 2.the second one is the best and ends in a “seat on the side ride”

oh! i didnt invent this trick but i sure as hell gave it better name than “ride forward with seat out back bend down grab seat tube between legs and let go of seat” im taking credit for that…:wink:

Re: Uni-Yoga Video clips

That’s better than my patented “crotch grab seat out back”. Try riding with the seat out back while holding the front of the handle with your arm between your legs. It’s even better if you can do it with the seat far enough back so it isn’t touching your rear. Just don’t do it in public or else people might start to wonder if you really do have issues. :wink:

And no, I’m not going to post pictures or video of my attempts at “crotch grab seat out back”.

Cool move, that is.

I especially like the in-character Yoda-green skin.

u-turn,have you been drinking absinthe again? im not green …

anybody notice DudleyDoRides super duper mini Cooper in my driveway?

But you can’t fit a Coker in a Mini Cooper.

Oh come on now… You know jagur has already brainwashed him against getting a Coker in favor of a 29er :wink:


ive done my best but,he went and ordered one of the “remanufactured” ones awile ago…there was no stopping him… ,just like me with my Coker,he fell in love with all the Hype and Hysteria of the Coker…hopfully my new 29er will snap him out of it…

P.S i dont think a Coker would fit in a Mini but he had that thing on order long before the thought of a 36" uni became aparrant.when i sold my 24" it fit in quite well.

i dont even fit in either,at least DDR says i dont fit,so ive never been in as well :wink:

I just put a Coker into my Mini Cooper and had room for my 24" Muni and a 20" Summit. I was suprised that it all fit.


DudleyDoRide, what a great looking 24" Muni! Very sweet looking framework. What kind is it? Homemade? Is it made out of bar stock that has been carved out on a lathe? Any pics of just the Muni in the photo section? --chirokid–

It looks like speed uni-yoga to me! Wow you do that one fast. I like the quick seat on side at the end too.

My 24" Muni Was built by Master Unicycle Builder Jagur. The frame was made by Steve Howard, Master Frame Maker. Steve makes some great looking frames out of bar stock aluminum cut out on a CNC machine. This one has an anodize finish.


Photo of my Muni Cooper

Here’s a photo of my Muni Cooper.


theres that chromey! i was looking all over for that weeks ago.i figuered it was just lost but no,its on your uni! i guess i forgot to take it off before you came over.

you can have it,i have another one now.its just funny that i never thought about it leaving on the uni.i actually suspected the kids…