Uni Wiki

Are you folks responsible for this thing:

It looks well thought out.
Are y’all already familiar with it, or did I find some hidden treasure?
(or step on a turd?)

I think I’ve seen it before. But I dont remember if I did. It’s pretty cool though:)

that is so cool…

would’ve answer the questions I had when I just started.

btw, I believe that Nimbus ISIS cranks were left out in the splined crank section

I found this 7 or 8 months ago:p:D

Does anyone know who made it?

At the top is a “history” tab. Click on that and all will be revealed! :slight_smile:

That is really cool. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the new hobby!

Thanks! Here’s my progress reports
(I didn’t even get to sit on it yesterday) :frowning:

But this weekend should be good - gonna take it with me to
ride between my kids’ basketball games on Saturday… should be
a few layovers because we are also stuck there for team pictures.